"I believe the true reason I've come to music as a profession is because I best connect with people through music. There is a sense of communication that I feel through music that I cannot express as intimately in any other way."

Jo Morrison is known for evocative performances of beautiful music on the harp; her patient and gentle teaching style for all levels in workshops and lessons; and her informed, impartial, and empathetic judging in Scottish Harp and other traditional music competitions. She was named a Scottish Harp Society Distinguished Judge in 2015, one of only five in the USA.

Jo looks at performances as a chance to share gorgeous and exciting melodies, as well as their stories, with others. Among many other styles, her playing includes her arrangements of traditional Scottish airs, medieval chants, and her own melodic creations. Her musical sensitivity touches the soul and lifts the body into movement.

She also plays harp at the bedside of patients in need. Her training and gentle playing provide a therapeutic environment to promote healing or assist in transition.

Jo's original compositions are stunning in their beauty and grace. Her writing is inspired by the grandeur of nature: from the Northern Lights dancing high above the Arctic to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

Jo connects with the music community through Common Ground on the Hill, a local music and arts organization promoting peace and understanding through the arts. She also plays harp, piano, and organ at local churches of various denominations, and holds key roles in several harp societies. Her hobbies include hiking, reading, writing, and taking photographs of the local birds and wildlife.

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