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cover of A Waulking Tour of Scotland

A Waulking Tour of Scotland

A Waulking Tour of Scotland takes listeners on a musical excursion, featuring many styles of Scottish music. Waulking the cloth, work usually done by women, would soften tweed and prepare it for wearing. Work songs were sung to pass the time. These songs capture the essence of Scottish life in their words and music, and are used as the milestones on this musical journey.

This album is available (in its entirety and in separate tracks) through digital distribution.

"Jo Morrison's A Waulking Tour of Scotland was a masterful work. Jo gets more out of the harp than should be possible."
Chuck Lipsig from Green Man Review's Best of 2000 listings

"You don't necessarily have to pound tweed in your basement to enjoy this bright, diverse collection of mostly traditional Scottish work songs and harp tunes showcasing material from a variety of Caledonian styles and regions. [...] There are strong call-and-response songs in tongue-twisting Gaelic, brisk dance tune medleys, and delicate harp solos, all crisply performed and comprehensively described in the accompanying notes.
         Dirty Linen

"A Waulking Tour of Scotland, inspired by Morrison's own travels through the Scottish countryside, takes listeners along on a musical excursion reflecting her passion for the country and its rich musical and cultural traditions. ...the whole album is pregnant with sights and flavors of an entire country. The excellent harping holds it all together; the arrangements with a broad assortment of voices and instruments -- particularly several outstanding duets -- make this a musical travelogue from Scotland you'll want to experience time and time again."
        Tom Knapp, Rambles

"Inspired (and how!) by a tour of Scotland that Morrison took with her husband, she again brings together many other musicians to join her for a track or several. She includes a number of songs, as well as tunes, mostly sung in Scots Gaelic."
        Chuck Lipsig, Green Man Review

Guest Artists:
Cathy Alles Flute (17)
Karen Ashbrook Whistle (18)
Myron Bretholz Bodhran (2, 6)
Maggie Carchrie Vocals (5)
Cynthia Cathcart Wire-strung Harp (12)
Heidi Gerber Vocals (8, 13), Chorus
Paula Glendinning Great Highland Bagpipe (1, 20)
Walt Michael Hammered Dulcimer (4)
Wayne Morrison Shuttle Pipe (6, 10), Vocals (2, 17)
Wendy Morrison Concertina (8)
Lisa Moscatiello Vocals (19)
Bonnie Rideout Fiddle (15)
Pamela Murray Winters     Chorus Vocals

Produced by Heidi Gerber and Jo Morrison.

Track Listing:

  1. Arniston Castle/Rejected Suitor (Great Highland Bagpipe; Harp)
  2. 'S Fliuch an Oidhche (Bodhran; Harp; Vocals)
  3. Lament for Ravenscraig (Harp)
  4. Crags of Stirling/Stirling Castle/Reel Stirling (Hammered Dulcimer; Harp)
  5. Oran Mu'n Ghruagaich (Vocals)
  6. Colin's Cattle/The Lapwing/Shoals of Herring (Bodhran; Harp; Shuttle Pipe)
  7. O'er the Bows to Ballanindalloch/Nellie's Strathspey/De'il in the Kitchen/Inverness Rant/Marketplace of Inverness/Piper's Bonnet (Harp)
  8. Da Full-Rigged Ship/Bressay Lullaby (Concertina; Harp; Vocals)
  9. Huntingtone Castle/Atholl Cummers/Brig o' Perth (Harp)
  10. Ghost of Elgin (Harp; Shuttle Pipe; Vocals)
  11. Hè Mannd' Thu (Harp; Vocals)
  12. Skye Boat Song/Coolin Hills (Harp; Wire Harp)
  13. Seallaibh Curaigh Eoghainn (Vocals)
  14. Arran Boat Song/Fear a' Bhàta (Harp)
  15. The Man from Skye/Crossing the Minch (Fiddle; Harp)
  16. Banks of Lochiel (Harp)
  17. My Love is Like a Red Red Rose (Flute; Harp; Vocals)
  18. 74th's Farewell to Edinburgh/Arthur's Seat/Highland Whiskey/Flowers of Edinburgh (Harp; Whistle)
  19. Ho Ro Hug o Hug o (Vocals)
  20. Beloved Scotland (Great Highland Bagpipe; Harp)
Total Playing Time:  73 minutes


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