Beginning Harper's Tunebook

Very Easy Arrangements of Traditional Tunes

  The Beginning Harper's Tunebook is currently out of stock. The new edition is expected to be back from the printer by 9/21/16.

  52 traditional tunes arranged for beginners. Each tune is provided in two keys. The book includes two CDs with recordings of each tune in both a slow and more up-to-speed version to allow the harper to play along.

125 pages of music and over two hours of recorded music for the price of only $32 (plus $7.75 priority mail shipping within the U.S.)

Four tune samples are available. This sampler contains the first lines of four tunes included in this book. These tunes are of increasing levels of difficulty and give an idea of what the book includes.

5 of 5 Stars!
"Worth every penny. I'm still a relative beginner, and it was a delight to get a book that had so many great tunes I could play right away. I've already picked out several to 'dress up' as I learn more about arranging. There is a wide range of good, playable songs. There are interesting historical notes on the tunes, and the CD's are invaluable for learning by ear, or just learning what the tune is supposed to sound like. A must for those of us just learning to read music! I consider Jo's book to be a great find. I use it right along with my tutor, for extra practice, and just because I enjoy the tunes. Can't go wrong with this one."

Lynda Michalski

This book is also available without the two CDs for $24 (plus $7.75 priority mail shipping within the U.S.)

Downloadable Versions

This book is available in three downloadable versions:

All tunes in this book are available as digital scores via PDF files with PayPal payment to Scores run anywhere from $2 to $5; please contact Jo Morrison for exact pricing of the score you desire. Once you send the PayPal payment to Jo, she will email the score to you.


Who might benefit from this book?

  • Beginners who would like more very easy music to assist them in comfort and enjoyment at the harp.
  • Teachers who have students who could use additional help beyond what their tutor books provide.
  • Advanced beginners and intermediate harpers who would like more easy repertoire to play.
  • Intermediate harpers who would like to work on their skills of accompanying others.
  • Intermediate harpers who would like to work on their own arrangements using simple arrangements to use as starting point.
  • Wire harpers have said this is a very good resource for tunes playable on the wire harp.
  • Anyone who would like to work on playing along by ear with the CD.


The tunes included are:

Aberystwyth   Little Red Lark
Adew Dundee   Llangloffan
Afron   Loch Broom
All Through the Night   Lochaber No More
Auld Lang Syne (two melodies) Londonderry Air
Avon   MacPhersons Farewell
Beloved Gregor   Mermaid's Song
Black Nag   Morag of Dunvegan
Brian Boru   Morning Has Broken
Broom of the Cowdenknowes  Nonesuch
Christ Child Lullaby (sample)   Over the Hill and Over the Dale
Come By the Hills   Portsmouth
Cradle Song   Rory Dall's Port
Donald Blue   Scottish Branle (sample)
Down By the Salley Gardens  Simple Gifts
Fig for a Kiss   Skye Boat Song
Fisherman's Song for Attracting the Seals Slane
Friendly Beasts   Song of the Kelpie
Galician Waltz   South Wind
Greensleeves   Spinning Wheel
Hawk that Swoops on High  St. Columba
Hector the Hero (sample)   Star of the County Down
Hop Tu Naa (sample)   Stumpie
It's Time to Go Home   Washing Song
Kelsterne Gardens   Water is Wide
Land of the Trees    

Spiral bound, 133 pages.

Price $32, plus $7.75 shipping (Priority Mail, U.S. only.)

Price $24 without the two CDs, plus $7.75 shipping (Priority Mail, U.S. only.)

Will ship two books for the $7.75 shipping price.
Inquire for international rates.

Also available from Melody's Music and Harp Connection.

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