title: The grand chain
artist: Alistair Anderson
label: Black Crow, : CROCD 216
contributor: (johnson_thomas@mail.btj.se)
com: Alistair Anderson, English concertina, Northumbrian small pipes;
com: with the Steel Skies Band and other assisting instrumentalists

	The Glakey hornpipe
	Peter's peerie boat
	Young Scotty

	Ten years on

	Frank Bishop's farewell
	The swallow's tail

	Lady Walpole's reel
	The trip to Rousay
	The trip to Durkham

	When winds begin to sing

	Robertson's reel
	The great north run
	The grand chain

	Spalpeen aroon

	On windy Gyle

	The tailor's revenge


title: Joe Hutton - Northumbrian Piper
artist: Joe Hutton
label: East Allen Recording : EAR 015-2

	3 Jigs
		The Road to MacMerry
		Alistair J. Sim
		Jack's Pocket Ashtray

	2 Waltzes
		Norwegian Lass
		Boys of the Mhari L.

	3 Northumbrian Hornpipes
		Newcastle Hornpipe
		Exhibition Hornpipe
		Shining Pool

	2 Scottish Marches
		Sgurr of Eigg
		Couper Angus March

		The Wild Rose of the Mountain

	3 Reels
		Jean Milligan
		The Boys of the Balivanich
		New High Level

	2 Scottish Marches
		The banks of the Nith

	2 Irish Hornpipes
		Ian Powrie's Compliments to Sir Thomas Wardle

		The Ashgrove

	3 Jigs
		The Farmer's Jamboree
		Mo's Peerie Boston
		Danse de Chez Nous

	2 Scottish 2/4 Marches
		Inveresk House
		Balkan Hills

	Slow Air and Hornpipe
		The Cot
		The Barrington Hornpipe

	March, Strathspey and Reel
		Margaret and George Smith
		Sands O'Murness
		Glasgow Hornpipe

	Air and Hornpipe
		Water of Tyne
		Coquet Light

	3 Northumbrian Hornpipes
		Whittle Dene
		The Rowley Burn

	Scottish Waltz and March
		Snow on the Ben
		The Grand Slam

	Slow Air, Hornpipe and Reel
		Bonny Cragside
		Little Jenny
		Gaspe Reel

	Two Step
		The Chairman's Two Step

	2 Hornpipes
		Mr Kennedy North
		Upper Denton

	Slow Air
		Hector the Hero


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