Aberjaber, The Perfect Bucket

	Taith Madoc
	The Singing Line/Can y Garreg/The Humours of Ballyloughlin
	Darren Uchaf/Maisie Smith
	The Winds of Change/Mrs. Macleod/Hela'r Wiwer/Ffidl-ffadl
	March Processional/Muineira de Chantada
	The Rambling Pitchfork
	Y Creffwr/Kost ar Choat/Whelan's Jig
	O Mama
	Fferm Cadwgan/The Bread Man
	Y Bwced Perffaith/The Perfect Buckert

Jay Ansill, A Lost World Song for New Year's Eve The Far Side of Your Moon A Lover Since Childhood Full Moon One Hard Look Apples and Water The Hills of May A Lost World A Love Story Down, Wanton, Down! She Tells Her Love While Half Asleep Midwinter Waking A Jealous Man Counting the Beats
Jay Ansill, Mind and Body Hakshyon When You Are Old Silent Three Ghosts of Pompeii Trio from `Cassidy Flynn' Tabhair Domh Do Lamh (Give Me Your Hand) I Hear Your Laughter Counting the Beats
Jay Ansill, Oragami The Two Horizons Entre Les Guerre Sayonara Lough Swilly The Fact Undersong Farragut Street Society of War Hesiod Last Thoughts The Drifter's Friend
(Jay Ansill, in an ensemble put together by Johnny Cunningham), Peter and Wendy Two is the Beginning of the End/On These Magic Shores Nana's Walkabout Memories to Bed Darling's Waltz Star Lullaby Shadow Dance Stories to Tell The Flight The Landing Pirates! The Crocodile Tango The Wendy House The Wolves of Neverland Mermaids Neverbird Tinkerbell's Warning Light That Beauteous Flame The Duel Lost Boys Lament Two is the Beginning of the End
Bachué (with Corrina Hewitt), A Certain Smile A Certain Smile Walk My Johnny was a Shoemaker Disnae The Phrayes Ballad of the Sad Young Men Marsaili Stewart Skinner If I were a Blackbird The Music Box Plums The Birken Tree Set to Rights Fiddle-idle Loving Hannah The Beaten Track/ A Certain Smile
Bachue Café (with Corrina Hewitt), Bachue Café Morrison's Jig/The Ale is Dear/Caitlin Na Aodha/Monaghan's Jig Intermediate Fiddler Lassie Lie Near Me Roslin Castle/The Ewie with the Crooked Horn/The Hag with the Money Waltzing for Dreamers Jig for D.G. Aughindoon Jade's Cat/The Artist/Jimmy on the Moore Are You Sleeping, Maggie? Caroline's Dance/The Rolling Waves/The Brig o' Perth Icarus Brenda Stubbert's Reel/Cutting Bracken/Song of the Chanter/G Minor Reel
Patrick Ball, Fiona Castle Kelly She Moved Through the Fair/Ta Me Mo Shiu/Samhradh, Samhradh May Morning Dew/Morrison's Jig The Fairy Queen Arran Boat Song The Twisting of the Rope The Buttonhole Limerick's Lamentation/Brian Boru's March Carolan's Cup L'heritiere de Keroulez/The Pretty Maid Milking Her Cow Farewell to the Land of Mist
Patrick Ball, Secret Isles Planxty Burke/Bumper Squire Jones Carrickfergus Susie McGuire/Bridget Geary Lord Inchiquin Carolan's Favorite Jig Song of the Water Kelpie/The Sheep Under the Snow Planxty Irwin The Foggy Dew Squire Wood's Lamentation Carolan's Concerto Eleanor Plunkett Dark Woman of the Glen
Patrick Ball, The Christmas Rose God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen The First Noel What Child Is This? St. Basil's Hymn O Come, O Come Emmanuel Silent Night (Stille Nacht) Oxen and Sheep (Entre le Boeuf et l'Ane Gris)/The Carol of the Birds (Whence Comes This Rush of Wings Afar?) Bring a Torch, Jeanette Isabella (Un Flambeau Jeanette Isabella) Dona Nobis Pacem (Give Us Peace) La Berceuse de Muffe/We Three Kings Jeus, Jesus, Rest Your Head The Gloucester Wassail/When Blossoms Flowered 'Midst the Snow (The Christmas Rose) Auld Lang Syne
Patrick Ball, The Music of Turlough O'Carolan Carolan's Quarrel with the Landlady Maurice O'Connor Blind Mary Carolan's Receipt for Drinking Carolan's Ramble to Cashel Carolan's Welcome Young William Plunkett Geroger Brabazon Lady Athernry/Fanny Poer Give Me your Hand Lady Maxwell Dermott O'Dowd/The Queen's Dream Mrs. Judge Carolan's Farewell to Music Sheebeg Sheemore
Patrick Ball (Spoken word with harp), Finnegans Wake Riverrun Good Mr. Finnimore Shem O Tell Me All Well, You Know Three Quarks Jaunty Jaun Anna Livia Plurabelle
Patrick Ball, From a Distant Time Come Live With Me and Be My Love Greensleeves The Blackthorn Stick Down by the Sea John O'Connor The Grenadier and the Lady Londonderry Air The Ram on Arthur's Mountain/Lullabye Three Ravens The Road to Lisdoonvarna/The Lark on the Strand The Munster Cloak The Star of the County Down Ode to Whiskey Dr. John Hart Caitlin Triall/Farewell The Ash Grove
Patrick Ball, O'Carolan's Dream The Butterfly Morgan Magan Carolan's Dream Carolan's Draught The Orange Rogue Mabel Kelly Cremonea Coilsfield House Rory dall's Sister's Lament La Valse Pour Les Petites Jeunes Filles Bridget Cruise Thomas Burke Miss Rowan Davies
Patrick Ball (spoken word with harp), Storyteller Tomas The Matchmaker Moore's Castle The Seal The Soul Agony Gwilan's Harp
Derek Bell, Carolan's Receipt Sìdh Beag augs Sìdh Mòr Carolan's Receipt or Doctor John Stafford Lady Athenry Fanny Poer Blind Mary Sir Festus Burke Carolan's Quarrel with the Landlady and Carolan's Ramble to Cashel Mrs. Poer or Carolan's Concerto John O'Connor and The Ode to Whiskey George Brabazon Mabel Kelly Madam Maxwell, Carolan's Nightcap, and Lady Gethin Three Bridget Cruise Airs John O'Reilly Carolan's Farewell to Music
Elinor Bennett, Telynau a Chan (Folk Songs and Harps) Clychau Aberdyfi Ar Lan y Mor Paid a Deud March y Melinydd Merillionen Morfa Rhuddlan Syr Harri Ddu Codiad yr Ehedydd Ar Hyd y Nos Gwyr Harlech Dafydd y Garreg Wen Y Bore Glas Gwcw Fach Ei Di'r Deryn Du? Y Deryn Pur Cainc Dafydd Broffwyd Anhawdd Ymadael Pant Corlan yr Wyn Hen Benillion Marwnad Sion Eos Bugeilio'r Gwenith Gwyn Huna Blentyn Y Gwydd Migldi Magldi
Stella Benson, The Healer's Way, Volume I Victimae Paschali Foggy Dew Kyrie Muse for My Brother Sospitati Debit Ergos Loch Na Garr Salva Nos Stella Maris Dum estas inchoatur A Chant Setting Jubilemus Exultemus Oruco an ceo
Robin Huw Bowen, Cyfarch y Delyn Pant Corlan yr Wyn Jigiau Meillionen o Feirionnydd Waltsiau Fienna Ar Hyd y Nos 1st of 4 lessons Cainc Dafydd Broffwyd Quadrilles Morfa Rhuddlan/Nyth y Gog Pibddawnsiau Sir Feirionnydd/Arfordir Ffrainc Polcase Clychau Aberdyfi
Robin Huw Bowen, Harp Music of Wales (Cerddoriaeth Telyn Cymru) All Through the Night (Ar Hyd y Nos) Pibddawns y Gof/Dyn y Geg (Smith's Hornpipe/The Policeman) The Ash Grove (Llwyn Onn) Saiforella Polka (Polca Saiforella) David of the White Rock (Dafydd y Garreg Wen) Gypsy Hornpipe/ Pwt-ar-y-bys Meillionen o Feirionnydd (The Clover of Meirionnydd) Moel yr Wyddfa/Nos Galan (Snowdon's Bald Summit/New Year's Eve) Hwylio Adref (Sailing Home) The March of the Men of Harlech (Gorymdaith Gwyr Harlech) Y Llinyn Arian (The Thread of Life) Pant Corlan yr Wyn (the Lambs' Fold Vale) Merch Megan/Wyres Megan (Megan's Daughter/Megan's Grand-daughter) Cader Idris
Robin Huw Bowen, Hunting the Hedgehog Wrexham Hornpipe/Swansea Hornpipe Fairy Glen (Waltz)/Copenhagen Waltz Gypsy Hornpipe Eldorai's Dance Hornpipe/Navvy's Hornpipe/Harp Hornpipe Opening of the Flowers/Fair Maid of Corwen - Welsh Airs Hornpipe Eldra/Hornpipe Hornpipe Wrexham Hornpipe/Swansea Hornpipe Copenhagen Waltz (solo flute) Smith's Hornpipe/The Policeman or the Man with the Mouth Men of Harlech - Welsh Air Saiforella Polka
Robin Huw Bowen, Old Hearth Old Hearth/Ystwyth's Flow The Queen's Marsh The Gentleness of Montgomeryshire The Day David of the White Rock/The Baron's Barn Hiraeth/The Grey Window-pane The Thread of Life Sailing Home The Bells of the Old COuntry Farewell to the Days of my Youth
Robin Huw Bowen, The Sweet Harp of my Land (Telyn Berseiniol fy ngwlad) Cader Idris/Dawns y Tylwyth Teg (Cader Idris/The Fairy Reel) Llydaw (Brittany) Miniwet yr Iarll Sax/Y Ferch Dan Bwysau Gofid (Count Sax's Minuet/The Lass that was Laden with Care) Jigiau: Tafarn yr Ysgub/Yr Hen Olchyddes/Pranc Madam Corde (The Wheatsheaf/The Washerwoman/Madam Corde's Frolic) Anodd Ymadael (Loth to Depart) Y Gof Du/Hoffedd Arglwyddes y Fenni (The Harmonious Blacksmith/Lady Abergafenni's Fancy) Llwyn Onn (The Ash Grove) Pen-Rhaw/Cainc y Datgeiniad (Pen-rhaw/The Minstrel's Strain) Cainc Ruffydd ab Adda ap Dafydd/Profiad y Botwm (Gruffydd ab Adda Ap Dafydd's Strain/The Prelude of the Boss) Profiad yr eos Brido (The Nightingale's Prelude) Waltz Aber-nant/Waltz Dinefwr (The Aber-nant Waltz, The Dinefwr Waltz) Codiad yr Ehedydd (The Rising of the Lark) Ton Alarch (The Swan Song) Afalau Seidr/Pibddawans yr Angylion (Cider Apples/The Angels Hornpipe) Ar Hyd y Nos (All Through the Night) Clychau Aberdyfi (The Bells of Aberdyfi)
Debbie Brewin-Wilson, Dream of Caledonia Anochd Gur Faoin/Mo Chadal Dhomh Eilean a' Cheò Harvest Home/Father O'Flynn (The Top O' Cork Road) An Amerian's Farewell to Skye In Praise of Uist Nessie's Favourite Comin' Home Catterthun/The Lewis Bridal Song (Mairi's Wedding) Jersey Farmer Braigh Loch Iall Bogie's Bonnie Belle The Wolf Pups Song of the Wild Woman
Debbie Brewin-Wilson, Roots and Wings Wrong Turns My Jaded Eyes Roots and Wings Bittersweet The Water is Wide Land of Opportunity/The Immigrants' Waltz William Wallace Smile In Your Sleep Dean Cadalan Samhach I Don't Suppose Galley of Lorne When You Were Younger
Pamela Bruner, Till We Meet Again (Songs of Celtic Women) Harp Song of the Dane Women Loch Lomond Bonnie at Morn Beloved, When Will You Return? Lament for Mary, Queen of Scots The Snows Skye Boat Song Shule Aroon Weel May the Keel Row Silent O Moyle John Anderson My Jo The Fairy's Love Song Land o' the Leal
Ursula Burns, According to Ursula Burns Venus de Milo Kisses in the Wind Blueprint All is Gone Walk into the Sun (Mill to the Millennium) When the Dust Settles Sinister Nips Continental Boys Alcoholic Monster Float Away Where is the Time? Hollow Tree
Dee Carstensen, Regarding the Soul Time Before You Underneath My Skin Love Thing Angel What A Little Love Can Do To You From Me Hemingway's Shotgun Stay This Time Around The Light
Castlebay, Tapestry I - Ladies (with Julia Lane) Morag of Dunvegan/Where Will the Young Lass Sleep? Annie Laurie Bronwen's Dream Mrs. Maule of Panmure Kate Dalrymple/Nancy Hanks Miss Hamilton Bach's Minuet for Anna Magdalena Neil Gow's Lament on the Death of His 2nd Wife My Lagan Love Mary, Queen of Scots Bridget Cruise (Airs 3 & 4) Sweet Phyllis/Phyllis in the New Mown Hay Grandmother's Waltz Morag Henriksen
Castlebay, Tapestry II - In a Garden Green (with Julia Lane) Gloomy Winter's Now Awa' Smiling Spring The Heather Breeze/The Butterfly The Harmony of May The Southwind/A Rosebud by my Early Walk The Spring of Shillelagh/The Acorn The Lea Rig/Corn Rigs An Italian Bouquet All in a Garden Green The Last Rose of Summer Country Gardens/Harvest Home Migration
Castlebay, Tapestry III - Cottage and Castle (with Julia Lane) Coilsfield House Carolan's Cottage Castle of the Faeire Queen Whithorn Dumfries House Rivendell Castle Kelly/Drummond Castle Roslin Castle Tigh Morag/Da Peerie Hoose Ahint da Burn Hatfield House/Little House Under the Hill Cumbernauld House
Castlebay, Tapestry IV - Gentlemen (with Julia Lane) March of the King of Laois Ruari Dall's Jig/Sherrifmuir Carolan's Draught Daft Robin King of the Faeries Lament for Rev. Archie Beaton Dainty Davy Maurice O'Connor When the King Came Over the Boyne/Lord Lovat's/The Iron Man/Angus Campbell Sweet Jim Two Laments for Owen Roe The Minstrel Boy
Castlebay, Ae Fond Kiss - Romantic Scottish Songs (with Julia Lane) My Love is Like a Red Red Rose Fordell Ball Bonnie Doon Aye Waukin' O Ca' the Yowes Arms Around My Jo Song Composed in August My Bonnie Greenwood Laddie Neil Gow's Lament on the Death of his 2nd Wife Mary Morison Ettrick Ae Fond Kiss
Caswell Carnahan, New Leaves on an Old Tree and Borderlands from New Leaves On an Old Tree: Rathdrum Fair The Galbally Farmer/The Blarney Pilgrim The Girl I Left Behind/The Girl Who Broke my Heart Robin Hood and the Pedlar The Whilstlling Thief/Pigeon on the Gate/Tatter Jack Walsh Madam I'm a Darlin' Breton Air The Flase Lover Won Back Black Jack Davy/The Jug of Punch/The Shepherd's Crook/Tiree Hallowes * The Tipsy Sailor's Farewell to Ireland is on the original album, but not the combined album CD from Borderlands: The Peeler and the Goat/The Piper of Drummond The Blackbird/John Allen's Pipes/Miss Jean Campbell West Country Girl/Wild Swans/Brightened in the Morning Paddy Fahey's Rell Bonnie Lesley Easy and Slow/Planxty Pegeen The Grey Cairn/The Farmer's Curst Wife/The Devil to Pay The Borderlands
Cynthia Cathcart, Alchemy of a Rose Miss Proud's Reel Sir John Fenwick/Seaforth Highlanders/Lord Seaforth/Lord MacDonald's Reel Mist Covered Mountains I Love My Jean They Stole My Wife/Pease Strae/Prince's Welcome Elegy on Rob Roy Chanter's Tune Blair Athole/Glenlivet Lachlann Dubh Ferintosh/Bedding of the Bride/Off She Goes Top of Ben Lomond New Claret Brian Boru Edward Corcoran/Mrs. Crawford/Banks of Clyde
Ceolbeg (with Wendy Stewart), Cairn Water Cantabrian Jig Shoals of Herring Cairn Water Working Shifts The Scottish Branle Eppie Moray Oh, were I on Parnassus' Hill Drumchorrie Return of the Bunny To Each and Every One of You Reels Like Another Rolling Stone
Ceolbeg (with Wendy Stewart), Seeds to the Wind Mazurka Set (Mazurka du Morvan, Hip Hip Bouree, Ian Green's Appendix) Senorita Ana Rocio/Seeds to the Wind The Coupit Yowe Set (Alan MacPherson of Mosspark, Duncan the Gauger, The Coupit Yowe, The Lady in the Bottle) Glenlivet A' the Airts Here's a Health Tae the Sauters/Cajun Two-Step Johnnie Cope Galician Set See the People Run Lord Galloway's Lamentation
Ceoltoiri (with Sue Richards), Celtic Lace Marquis of Huntley Maivalsurin/Polskas (Varvindar Friska/Tantan Och Ta) Scotch Cap/Glenlivet Nita's Rambles/McHugh's/The Legacy Mairi Bhan Og Tullochgorum/Murdo MacKenzie of Torriedon The Irish Reel Set (The Guns of the Magnificent Seven/Over the Water to Bessie/The Fisherman's Island) Coilsfield House/Jig of Slurs Chanter/La Rotta Pease Bridge/Knit the Pocky An tSean Bhean Bhocht The New Land The Orange and Blue Etude/Mary O'Neil
Ceoltoiri (with Sue Richards and Carol Rose Duane), Women of Ireland The Cruel Sister Mna na hEireann (Women of Ireland) My Darling, I'm Fond of You/Baltighoran Sligo Maid/I'm 18 Years Old Today Joy Be With you/Flowers of Spring/Sweet Biddy Daly Hunter's House/Kiss Me Kate/Maid of Mt. Kisco Caledonia Terence MacDonough Sean Dun na nGall (old Donegal)/Killavil Fancy/Buttermilk Mary Fair Flower of Northumberland
Ceoltoiri (with Sue Richards), Silver Apples of the Moon Arise & Dress Yourself Scottish Reel Set (Sir David Davidson/Sma' Coals for Nailers/Jack Broke da Prison Door) Killarney Boys of Pleasure/Oro 'Se Do Bheatha 'Bhaile Rockin' the Cradle Flowing Tide/New Claret Song of Wandering Aengus Far Away Grey Cock Dr. John Stafford/Constantine Maguire Polska Set The Plain Girl's Lament Death of Queen Jane Lias Laddie
Maire Ni Chathasaigh, The New Strung Harp Charles O'Conor/Father Hanly O Ho Nighean, E Ho Nighean Madam Maxwell The Pullet/The Volunteer An Speic Seoigheach The humours of Ballyloughlin Hindero Horo The Bantry Girls' Lament The Gander in the Pratie Hole/The Queen of the Rushes Carolan's Farewell to Music The Fisherman's Hornpipe/The Cuckoo's Nest The Boys of Malin/The Old Oak Tree Planxty Sudley
Maire Ni Chathasaigh and Chris Newman, Live in the Highlands Turkey in the Straw The Gander in the Pratie Hole/The Donnybrook Boy/The Queen of the Rushes Thugamar Fein an Samhradh Linn (We brought the Summer in) The Unknown/Wellington's Reel Eleanor Plunkett The Acrobat/Bonnie Banchory/Millbrae Roisin Dubh The humours of Ballyloughlin A Shaighdiuirin a Chroi (Dear Soldier of my Heart)/The Blackbird Salt Creek Taimse im' Chodladh A Sore Point Stroll On!
The Chieftains (with Dereck Bell), The Bells of Dublin The Bells of Dublin/Christmas Eve Past Three O'Clock St. Stephen's Day Murders Il Est Ne/Ca Berger Don Oiche Ud I mBeithil I Saw Three Ships A Sailing A Breton Carol Carol Medley: O The Holly She Bears A Berry/God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen/ The Boar's Head The Wexford Carol The Rebel Jesus Skyline Jig O Holy Night Medley: The Wren! The Wren!/The Arrival of the Wren Boys/ The Dingle Set - Dance/The Wren in the Furze A Dance Duet - Reels: Brafferton Village/Walsh's Hornpipe The Farewell: The Piper Through The Meadow Strayed/This Is The Season to be Merry Once in Royal David's City Ding Dong Merrily On High O Come All Ye Faithful
Liz Cifani, Waulkin' O' the Fauld Calnc Dafydd Broffwyd-David the Prophet's Air Elrigh Suas a Stolrin Y Fwyalchen - the Blackbird Variations on `Are You Sleeping Maggie?' Aird Ui Chumhaing by Aodh O Damhnaill Carolan's Dream or Molly Mac Alpin Scatter the Mud Grover's Song and Dance Turlough Og O'Boyle Waulkin' O' the Fauld The Maids of Mitchellstown Tha mi Sgith Carolan's Farewell to Music Llaqul Chuyma Smash the Windows & The Sweep's Hornpipe
Clairseach (with Ann Heymann), Heman Dubh Heman Dubh Henry and Edmond MacDermott Roe Dans A Sailheu Planxty Sweeny Planxty Dru Song of the Books 'S I Do Mhaimeo I Breton Airs Spiec Seoigheach Crowe's Return/The Commentator King James Set: King James' March to Dublin/Planxty Kelly/Athlone/The Battle of Aughrim/Limerick's Lamentation/The Wild Geese Elora's Lullaby
Clannad (with Maire Brennan), Dulaman Dulaman Cumha Eoghain Rua ui Neill Two Sisters Eirigh Suas a Stoirin The Galtee Hunt Eirigh is Cuir ort do Chuid Eadaigh Coiriu Siuil a Run Mo Mhaire dTigeas a Damhsa Cucanandy/The Jug of Brown Ale
Clannad (with Maire Brennan), Clannad 2 An Gabhar Ban Eleanor Plunkett Coinleach Ghlas an Fhomair Rince Philib a'Cheoil By Chance it Was Rince Briotanach Dheanainn Sugradh Gaoth Barra na dTonn Teidhir Abhaile Riu Fairly Shot of Her Chuaigh Me 'na Rosann
Clannad (with Maire Brennan), An Diolaim Dulaman (Seaweed) Eleanor Plunkett Two Sisters Fairly Shot of Her Siuil a Run (Irish Love Song) Dheanainn Sugradh The Galtee Hunt By Chance it Was Rince Philib a'Cheoil Gaoth Barra na dTonn Cumha Eoghain Rua Ui Neill (Lament for Owen Roe) An Gabhar Ban Chuaigh me na Rosann Coinleach Ghlas an Fhomair
Clannad (with Maire Brennan), Anam Ri Na Cruinne In A Lifetime Anam In Fortune's Hand The Poison Glen Wilderness Harry's Game Why Worry? Uirchill An Chreadgain Love and Affection You're the One Dobhar
Clannad (with Maire Brennan), Sirius In Search of a Heart Second Nature Turning Tide Skellig Stepping Stone White Fool Something to Believe In Live and Learn Many Roads Sirius
Clannad (with Maire Brennan), Rogha: The Best of Clannad Newgrange Second Nature Closer to Your Heart Seachran Charn Tsiail Ancient Forest Now is Here Something to Believe In In Search of a Heart Buachaill on Eirne Northern Sky Line Together We Ta 'Me Mo Shio Blackstairs Indoor Thios Fa'n Chosta in a Lifetime Theme from Harry's game The Fairy Queen Journey's End
Clannad (with Maire Brennan), pastpresent Theme from Harry's Game Closer to your Heart Almost Seems (Too Late to Turn) The Hunter Lady Marian Sirius Coinleach Glas an Fhomair Second Nature World of Difference In A Lifetime Robin (The Hooded Man) Something to Believe In Newgrange Buachaill an Eirne White Fool Stepping Stone
Clannad (with Maire Brennan), Clannad in Concert Bhean a Ti Fairies Hornpipe/Off to California Neansai Mhile Gra Mhaire Bruineall Planxty Burke An GioBog Down by the Sally Gardens Nil Se'n La
Clannad (with Maire Brennan), Legend Robin (The Hooded Man) Now is Here Herne Together We Darkmere Strange Land Scarlet Inside Lady Marian Battles Ancient Forest
Clannad (with Maire Brennan), Macalla Caislean Oir The Wild Cry Closer to your Heart In a Lifetime Almost Seems (Too Late to Turn) Indoor Buachaill On Eirne Blackstairs Journey's End Northern Skyline
Clannad (with Maire Brennan), Magical Ring Theme From Harry's Game Tower Hill Seachran Charn tSiaill Passing Time Coinleach Glas An Fhomhair I See Red Ta 'Me Mo Shui Newgrange The Fairy Queen Thios Fa'n Chosta
Clannad (with Maire Brennan), Clannad Nil Se Ina La Thios Chois Na Tra Domh Brian Boru's March Siobhan Ni Dhaibhir An Mhaighdean Mhara Liza An tOilean Ur Mrs. McDermott The Pretty Maid An Phaire Harvest Home Morning Dew An Bealach Seo 'Ta Romham
Clannad (with Maire Brennan), Ring of Gold An Gabhar Ban (The White Goat) Mrs. McDermott Rince Philib A'Cheoil Down by the Sally Gardens Teidhir Abhaile Riu Eleanor Plunkett D Tigeas A'Damhsa Eirigh Is Cuir Ort Do Chuid Eadaigh
Clannad (with Maire Brennan), Crann Ull Ar a ghabhail 'n a 'chuain damh The Last Rose of Summer Cruscim Lan Bacach Shile Andai La Coimhthioch fan dtuath (A Strange Day in the Country Side) Crann Ull Gathering Mushrooms Bunan Bui Planxty Browne
Clannad (with Maire Brennan), Fuaim Na Buachailli Alainn Mheall Si Lena Glorthai Me Bruach Na Carriage Baine La Brea Fan Dtuath An Tull Strayed Away Ni La Na Gaoithe La Na Scoilb? Lish Young Buy-A-Broom Mhorag 'S Na Horo Gheallaidh Green Fields of Gaothdobhair Buireadh An Phosta
Clannad (with Maire Brennan), Banba Na Laethe Bh Banba Oir There For You Mystery Game Struggle I Will Find You (From the Motion Picture Last of the Mohicans) Soul Searcher Caide Sin Do'n Te Sin The Other Side Sunset Dreams
Clannad (with Maire Brennan), Lore Croi Croga Seanchas A Bridge (That Carries Us Over) From Your Heart Alasdair Mac Colla Broken Pieces Trathona Beag Areir Trail of Tears Dealramh Go Deo Fairwell Love Fonn Mharta
Clannad (with Maire Brennan), Landmarks An Gleann Fado A Mhuirnin O Of This Land Court To Love Golden Ball Bridge Of Tears Autumn Leaves Are Falling Let Me See Loch Na Cailli
Crasdant (with Robin Huw Bowen), Cerddoriaeth draddodiadol Gymreig (Welsh traditional music) Pibddawns Mr. Pring/Pibddawns Corwen/Dyn y Geg Y Dydd Gwyr Pen-dref/Cwrw Melyn/Hoffedd ap Hywel Y Deryn Pur/Chwi Fechgyn Glan Ffri/Tafliad Carreg Glan Meddwdod Mwyn. Fairy Glen Ymdaith y Siandlwr/Hela'r Sgyfarnog/Cainc Ifan Ddall Penmaen-mawr. Y Fedle Fawr/Coleg y Brifysgol Abertawe Polca Llewelyn Alaw/Polca Trecynon/Polca Cefn-coed Y Crwtyn Llwyd Y "Polacca" cymreig/Roaring Hornpipe/Y Ceffylyn Rhygyngog Bethan Rhiannon Dawns Huw (Rachel Dafydd Ifan/Cwrw DaPibddawns Owen Huw) Mr. Pring's Hornpipe/The Corwen Hornpipe/The Man with the Mouth The Day The Men of Pen-dref/Golden Beer/Powell's Fancy Fair Bird/You Comely Carefree Lads/A Stone's Throw Good Humoured and Fairly Tipsy. Fairy Glen The Chandler's March/Hunting the Hare/The Tune of Blind Ifan Penmaen-mawr. The Great Medley/University College, Swansea Llewelyn Alaw's Polka/The Trecynon Polka/ The Cefn-coed Polka The Grey Lad The Welsh Polacca/Roaring Hornpipe/The Galloping Nag Bethan Rhiannon Huw's Dance (Rachel Dafydd Ifan/Good Beer/Owen Huw's Hornpipe)
Crasdant (with Robin Huw Bowen), Nos Sadwrn Bach (Not Yet Saturday) The Craftsman Pultague's Teapot The Port Eynon Whim The Early Morning Pembroke Spuds The Crown Jigs The Blackbird Eldra's Polka New Year's Eve Flowers of the Seasons Not Yet Saturday
Cusan Tan (with Robin Huw Bowen), Kiss of Fire Y Daith (The Journey) Y Ddau Farch (The Two Stallions) Calon Cymru (Heart of Wales) Diarhebion (Proverbs) Ambell Waith (Every Now and Then) Bywyd Mawr (Big Life) F'anwylyd Fab (My Dearest Son) Y Llinyn Arian (The Silver Thread) Symud Draw (I'm the One) Dyn o Ddeugain (A Man of Forty) Cyn Cysgodion (Before Nightfall) Cofio (Remembering) Dyma Gymru Heddiw (This is Wales Today)
Cusan Tan (with Robin Huw Bowen), Esgair - The Ridge Cerdded Ar Yr Esgair (Walking the Ridge) Name of Love Y March Glas (The Grey Stallion) Bells Can Chime You Are Cusan Tan (Kiss of Fire) Bad News Ceffyl Rhedeg Pearl In the Sky Beth Sydd I Mi (What is There for Me?)
D Squared (Deb Gessner and Don Charles), Big Sky Full O' Dumb Stars Big Sky Full O' Dumb Stars Vera's Moon Ice Crystals I Will Wash My Eyes Sparrows Falling Chop Wood, Carry Water In Planck Time Little Pieces Juggling Feathers 9 Fer Yesterday Luna As Silent Stars Go By Buckeye Jim talkin' to the rocks
D Squared (Deb Gessner and Don Charles), Matter of Life & Death Rain Mama Start the Fire Weird Little Girl When the Monsoons Finally Came Row Juanita the Baker Whirlybird Tater Patch/Little Red Rockin' Chair Matter of Life and Death Spinning the Mud Turtle It Coulda Been Me Aaron Dreams of Bees The Wind in the Willow
Fiona Davidson, Fonnsheen Gu Mo Slan a Chi Mi, Mo Chailinn Dileas Donn/The Boyne Water Lassie Lie Near Me Merrily Kiss the Quaker/Jackson's Bottle of Brandy Griogal Cridhe O'Carolan's Welcome Phuirt-a-Beul (The Chickens/The Old Women) Ogham Y Fwyalchen/The Blackbird An Cuilfhoinn/The Coolin The Seasons The Blackberry Bush The Dowie Dens of Yarrow Orain Luaidh/Waulking Songs (An Fhideag Airgid/Alisdair Mhic Cholla Ghasdair/Tha Mulad) Fare Thee Well, My Own True Love Brechfa/The Little Cascade
Áine Ní Dhubhghaill, Anne-Marie O'Farrel, Emily Cullen, and Clíona Ní Dhúill, Maidens of the Celtic Harp King of the Fairies Monaham Jig Planxty Irwin An Ghaoth Aneas Blind Mary Brian Beru's March Madam Maxwell Molly McAlpin Eleanor Plunket Stars of the County Down Arrane Ghelbee Lady Dillon Bridget Cruise Tabhair Dom Do Laimb Bí aÍosa im' chroíse I Saw from the Beach Planxty Hewlett Mo Ghile Mear Silent O'Moyle
John Doan (harp guitar), Eire: Isle of the Saints Where Horses of Faery Hide Yeats Country Wake Farewell Saint Patrick in the Spirit The Journey Home Sunset on Distant Castle Tara The Lamentation of Turlough O'Carolan Resting Upon Jacob's Pillow The Old Church of Kilronan
Ensemble Galilei (with Sue Richards), Ancient Noels Cantiga de Santa Maria, No. 48 Gloucestershire Wassail/Tomorrow Will Be My Dancing Day/The Sussex Carol Hoboekentanz/Schafertanz O Bethlehem/Bethlehem's Stall/A Maiden Was Adoring God, The Lord/Great Gentlefolk, Hold and Bethink You The Bellman's Song The Truth Sent From Above Nowell, Nowell: Tidings True/Riu, Riu, Chiu I Must Go Gather Comfort/There Was a Maid So Lovely/When Judah's Loyal Soul Alone Cantiga, A Madre Do Que Livrou Whenas The Rose Of Jericho/A Year Begins of Joy and Grace/To Us a Little Child is Born The Donkey's Carol/The Friendly Beasts Here betwixt Ass and Oxen Mild/The Golden Carol In The Bleak Midwinter
Ensemble Galilei (with Sue Richards), Come, Gentle Night Mister Issac's Maggot/Chestnut (Dove's Vagary) Woodycock Death's Second Self Jack's Health/Vale of Years/Jack's Health Reel Come, Gentle Night Departe, Departe/The Cobbler's Hornpipe/Third Act Tune But Let Them Go/Ladies, Sigh No More In a Garden So Green/Childgrove Fire, Burn, and Cauldron Bubble The Asp Rumble Thy Bellyful Pastime with Good Company/O Lusty May Irish Lament Joy to the Person of My Love Love's Winter Light/Apples in Winter/Drive the Cold Winter Away/Jenny Pluck Pears Lilli Burlero/Cold and Raw (The Juice of Barley) Life is But a Walking Shadow/Mill, Mill O'/Pawky Adam Glen Heart's Ease/Now that the Spring/Gathering Peascods No Longer Mourn for Me
Ensemble Galilei (with Sue Richards), From the Isles to the Courts Cantigas 7 and 338 Scollay's Rell/King of the Fairies/Old Grey Cat/The Dance Goes On Winter's Falling Light Sinfonie and Musette from L'isle de Delos Callanish/Under the Full Moon Anna's Garden Home Fires/The Burning of the Clavie/The Burning of the Clavie Reel Lake Skybelow La Folia Variations Sgt. Early's Dream/Tune for Kieran Fanny/Mary O'Neill's Aisling The Lady of the Lake Miss Maxwell/Bridget Cruise/O'Carolan's Welcome The Fair Maid of Barra/Dream Angus
Ensemble Galilei (with Sue Richards), Music in the Great Hall Moirrey Ny Cainle/Sir Watkins Jig Fingal's March/Halting March The Pretty Girl Milking the Cows Soongs From a Scottish Childhood Captain O'Kane/The Clergy's Lamentation Boys of the Lough/Drowsey Maggie Planxty Drew/Mabel Kelly/John O'Connor Gosteg Dafydd Athro/Caniad Marwnad Ifan Ab Y Go The Reaper of Glanree Gin Ye Kiss My Wife, I'll Tell the Minister The Galician Waltz/Breton Dances Miss Patterson/McDonald's March/McKinnon's Brook Shooyl Inneenyn/Illiam Y Thalhear/Flitter Dance
Ensemble Galilei (with Sue Richards), Following the Moon Banish Misfortune/Langstrom's Pony Cantiga 166 Jamieson's Farewell The Gentle Swan Recercada Primera The Dark Slender Boy/The Young Black Cow Welcome to Winter I Wish I Were on Yonder Hill Felicitas/Regina/Christina The Dark Island/Come by the Hills/My Home Solstice Lament English Dance Clara The Exile/The Chanter's Song/The Job of Journeywork Following the Moon
Ensemble Galilei (with Sue Richards), The Mystic and the Muse My Love is in America/Mother's Delight Sibylla & Agatha Helen Douglas Waltz Cuimhne an Phiobaire/The Misty Maids of Galway/The Absent Minded Woman Mrs. Whittes Nothing/Queen Elizabeth, Her Galliard Sparrows and Cats The Alchemist O Ecclesia The Celt Nancy's Waltz Black is the Color of My True Love's Hair/My Lady Carey's Dompe Far, Far Beyond yon Mountain/Ellen's Waltz Mrs. Judge's Lament/Mrs. Judge The Oyster Catcher and the Actress Bist du bei mir Mizzie Mine
Deborah Friou, Harper's Dream Carolan's Cottage Archibald McDonald of Keppoch Are Ye Sleepin' Maggie? The Gentle Maiden Morrison's Jig The Blackbird Bridget Cruise/Colonel John Irwin Harper's Dream Courting Song Neil Gow's Lament Glenlivet Dr. John Hart The Fern Song Planxty Wilkinson/Planxty Drew Lass of Lochryan
Deborah Friou, Renaissance Muse All in a Garden Green White Flowers Three Ravens A Jig Bransle VII Bransle de la Torche My Lady Carey's Dompe Corne Yairds/Two Scots Tunes I Long for Thy Virginitie Almande IV/Bransle de Montirande Ladie Ann Gordon's Lilt/Canaries Courante CLXXXIII Currant Robin La Rosette Lady Laiton's Almain Greensleeves Cabot/Canaries Spyenelit Reforme Gaillarde Passamezzo Antico/La Reprisa/Saltarello Courante XCVIII A Scots Tune A Daunce
Gráinne Hambly, Golden Lights and Green Shadows The Hills of Coore/Paddy Mills' Celia Connellan/The Rectory Reel Jackson's Night Cap (Strike the Gay Harp)/Martin Hardiman's An Draigheann (The Blackthorn) Henry MacDermott Roe (1st Air) Patsy Touhey's/Maude Miller An Bhfaca Tú Mo Vailintín? (Have you seen my Valentine?)/Clare Island Boat Song The Wind Off the Lake/John McHugh's/The Gallant Tipperary Boys Kitty Magennis Burke's/Up Boyle's Hill A Munster Jig/The Ladies March to the Ballroom/Máirseáil Alasdruim Caoineadh Uí Néill The Arra Mountains/Lá na Feise Sailing into Walpole's Marsh/The Whistling Postman
Deborah Henson-Conant, Naked Music Nataliana Baroque Flamenco Danger Zone Home in Your Arms Again Johnny Ramsay Love is on Your Side New Blues Dance With Me All Through The Night Closer to You Noche
Ann Heymann and Alison Kinnaird, The Harper's Land The Harper's Land Ellen's Dreams Lady Iveagh The Braidwood Waits Rory Dall Morison's Jig/Far-Fuadach'A Chlarsair The Granard Tunes: Carraic na h-Uaine/The Market House/John Dungan's Return/The Canon's Cup Bas Alastruim/McAllistruim's March Miss Hamilton Cumh Easbig Earraghaal Baltiorum/Charlie's Fancy Blar Sliabh An t-Siorraidh/The Battle of Sheriffmuir The Bells of Cork City/The Dusty Miller Clarsach Na Cloiche Airs By Fingal Leslie's March
Ann Heymann, Queen of Harps Queen of Harps Ex Te Lux Oritur Feachain Gleis Lamentation of Youths Sir Thomas Brook's Pavan/Cormac's Alman/Lord Sheffield's Pavan The First Irish Jig/Holyrood Measure Hawk of Ballyshannon Temple Hill Reel/Temple Hill Jigs Lament for the Harp
Therese Honey, Music of the 16-17-18th Centuries Giga Yesterday's Kisses Lady Hammond's Alman Pavane Duchess of Brunswick's Toy Prelude in C from The Well Tempered Clavier Arioso from Concerto for Two Violins and Orchestra Gaelic Waltz Rondo My Lord Willoughby's Welcome Home/The Parliament Belle Qui Tienes Ma Vie Suite of Five Dances Carrickfergus/The Rights of Man/The Boys of Blue Hill Greensleeves
Nancy Hurrell, Where the Heather Grows Cattlefold of Kintaile Guilderoy Leaving Lismorr Twa Bonnie Maidens Lady Ann Gourdon Lilt/The Canaries Chanter/Scots Wha' Hae/Glenlivet Rowing From Islay to Uist Morgan Magan Ca' the Yowes tae the Nowes Fireside Reel/Katie Bairdie Jock O'Hazeldean Coilsfield House/Black Donald/Tail Toddle
Judy Kamminga, Visions of Freedom Secret Hearts Fire of Life Winding River The Muse Human Expense David's Peace Visions of Freedom Isle of Avalon Fiddlehead Syd Soul Love Lyra's Lullaby
Alison Kinnard, The Harp Key Rory Dall's Port Princess Augusta Caoineadh Rioghail (the Royal Lament) Glenlivet/Castle Drummond Balquhidder Fliuch an Oidhche/Heman Dubh Port Atholl Killiecrankie Cumha Crann nan Teud (The Lament for the Harp Key) The Kid on the Mountain Fuath Nam Fidhleirean (Contempt for Fiddlers) Chapel Keithack Grantown-on-Spey Port Patrick The Rymer The Duchess of Buccleuch's Favorite/the Earl of Hadinton/Miss Charlotte Brodie's Jig
Alison Kinnaird and Ann Heymann, The Harper's Land The Harper's Land Ellen's Dreams Lady Iveagh The Braidwood Waits Rory Dall Morison's Jig/Far-Fuadach'A Chlarsair(The Harper's Dismissal) The Granard Tunes a)Carraic na h-Uaine b)The Market House c)John Dungan's Return d) The Canon's Cup Bas Alastruim (The Death of Alasdair)/McAllistruim's March Miss Hamilton Cumh Easbig Earraghaal Baltiorum/Charlie's Fancy Blar Sliabh An t-Siorraidh/The Battle of Sheriffmuir The Bells of Cork City/The Dusty Miller Clarsach Na Cloiche (the Harp of the Stones) * Airs By Fingal * Leslie's March * (* only on reissue edition)
Alison Kinnaird and Battlefield Band, Music in Trust, Volume 1 The Sweet Maid of Mull/MacLeod of Mull Frideray Cro Cinn t-Saile/The Kilbarchan Weaver Lady Haddo The Silver Darlin's The Duchess of Gordon The St. Kilda Girls Lament/The St. Kilda Wedding March Anst'er Market/The East Neuk of Fife Brodick Castle Dunkeld Steeple/Killiekrankie Mo Run Gael Og Glenfinnan Highland Gathering/Lady MacKenzie of Gairloch/The Five Sisters Held in Trust
Alison Kinnaird and Christine Primrose, The Quiet Tradition Oran Do Mhac Leoid Dhun Bheagain (Song to MacLeod of Dunvegan) O'n Chuir Mo Leannan Culaibh Rium/Do Chrochadh a Thoill Thu (Since My Darling Turned from Me/You Deserve to be Hanged) Da Mihi Manum (Give Me Your Hand) Tha Mi Fo Churam (I am Full of Care) Cailleach an Dudain (The Old Woman of the Mill-Dust) O 'Stoil 'S Gu Ro Thoil Leam (O I Like, I Do Like) Cumha Crann nan Teud (The Lament for the Harp Key) Tha Thide Agam Eirigh (It is Time for Me to Rise) The Crags of Ailsa/Staffa's Shore An Smeorach(The Thrush)/The Song-Thrush/The Mistle-Thrush Tha na H-uain air an Tulaich (The Lambs are on the Hillock) Port Lennox Bean Mhic A'Mhaoir (The Wife of the Baliff's Son) Sneachd Heisgeir (The Snows of Heiskeir)/Sleepy Maggie) Mo Chaol Oigfhear (My Dear Young Man)
Knodel and Valencia, The Harpers' Masque Lonesome Road to Dingle Winter Creek Lauda Return to Fingal Chanter's Tune Lochaber No More Waltz of the Little Girls Hebrides Dances Redlands Lisdoon Shetland Reels The Fisherman's Song for Attracting Seals
Knodel and Valencia, Forest Into Forest Halls Benachie Sunrise Cradle Song Concerto al Fresco Calling of the Cows Spootiskerry Binwag's Lullaby Willafjord Hwiangerdd Masque Wild Geese Hin Hin Haradala
John and Sharon Knowles, Ferry Cottage Mrs. Jamieson's Favourite Drunken Piper/Lexie McAskill Braigh Loch Iall/Braes of Tullimet Cànan nan Gàidheal/Highland Whisky/The Stool of Repentance Wild Mountain Thyme/Bonnie at Morn Neil Gow's Lament for the Death of His Second Wife Peacock's Feather/Mairead's Mazurka Eagle's Whistle The Girl Who Broke My Heart/Return to Camden Town Captain O'Kane Swinging on a Gate/Eamon Coyne's Eleanor Plunkett Farewell to Girvan Itchy Fingers/The Glasgow City Police Pipers May McKenzie of Dunoon/Ferry Cottage
Amy Krupski, Sea Harp Arran Boat Song Fhear A Bhata:The Boatman Three Sea Captains The Water is Wide Drunken Sailor Shenandoah Dutch Mariner's Hymn Skye Boat Song Mary Anne The Water Kelpie The Leaving of Liverpool The Great Silkie Song of the Shore
Amy Krupski, Celtic Echoes Carolan's Welcome/Coleraine Jig Carolan's Dream Willafjord Eibhlin Gheal Chiuin Dick Gossip's Reel/The Otter's Den Coilsfield House Star of the Country Down Rosin the Bow Destiny The Minstrel Boy Hewlett The Foggy Dew Carrickfergus The Rights of Man Maids of Mourne Shore The Dawning of the Day
William Jackson, The Ancient Harp of Scotland Sir Sidney Smith's March Skyedance Roualeyn's Plaid Mary Scott, Flower of Yarrow Lude's Supper Cro Chinn t-Saile/The Burning of the Piper's Hut Rory Dall's Sister's Lament The Chisholm/Mrs. Stewart of Grandtully/The Source of Spey Mo Run Geal Og The Yellow Haired Laddie Glenlyon Lament Galley of Lorne La Gimblette Crossing to Ireland
William Jackson, The Celtic Suites The Wellpark Glasgow Life in the City The March of the Workers Molendinar, The Spring The Brewing (The Glasgow Jigs) A Glasgow Celebration St. Mungo St. Mungo's Blessing The Bird The Tree The Bell The Fish
Julia Lane, Harvest The Barley Song Come By the Hills Faraway Tom The Ash Grove Daft Robin The House on the Hill Lament for the Wild Shore Monhegan Song of the Sea Winds of Change The Southwind Irish Song (Londonderry Aire)
Julia Lane, Song of the Sea Song of the Sea Winds of Change Monhegan The Fishwidow's Song Something to Come Home To The House on the Hill Lament for the Wild Shore Winds of Autumn The Phantom Ship The Isle of Malaga Migration The River Run Before the Wind
Julia Lane and Fred Gosbee, The Skye Suite: Celtic Reflections Ruari Dall's Jig Bonnie Doon Skye Boat Song Miss Hamilton Carolan's Draught The Lea Rigg Miss MacCleod's Reel Bach's Minuet For Anna Magdalena Arms Around My Jo Lass O' Peatie's Mill Corn Riggs Introduction John MacCleod's Welcome A Driech Day Easter Sunday Lament for Boreraig Birds of Dawning Skye Magic Give Me Your Hand Auld Land Syne
Julia Lane, Tapestry I - Ladies Morag of Dunvegan/Where Will the Young Lass Sleep? Annie Laurie Bronwen's Dream Mrs. Maule of Panmure Kate Dalrymple/Nancy Hanks Miss Hamilton Bach's Minuet for Anna Magdalena Neil Gow's Lament on the Death of His 2nd Wife My Lagan Love Mary, Queen of Scots Bridget Cuise (Airs 3 & 4) Sweet Phyllis in the New Mown Hay Grandmother's Waltz Morag Henriksen
Thomas Loefke, Kerstin Blodig, Ian Melrose, December Journey Tra Va Ruggit Creest (When Christ Was Born) Stephen's Day Session The Promising Light God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen That Night in Bethlehem/Be Thou My Vision Jul, Jul stralande Jul (Shining Christmas) Jul uten sang pols (A Christmas Without Song Pols) Christmas Day in the Morning/St. Kilda Wedding Guiding Star Mitt Hjerte alltid vanker (My Heart Is Always Moving) Christmas on the Rocks December Journey: I Saw Three Ships/The First Noel/Rug Muire Mug Do Dia (Mary Bore a Son to God)/Leanabh an Aigh (Child of Joy)/ Et Barn et fodt I Bethlehem (A Child Was Born in Bethlehem)/ Den underjordiske klippekonserten (The Concert in the Cliffs)
Thomas Loefke, New Music for Celtic Harp Tor Mor Hops and Barley Milk and Honey at Merlin's Deadue Dingle Dolphin The Island in Winter The Welcome Jig Patchoulie The Blackbird Ballerina Seoladh na Ngamhain
Mabsant (with Robin Huw Bowen), Trwy'r Weiar Trip I Aberystwyth/Jigi-Jigi Aber-mwd Kodomo Tachi Ni Gwenynen Gwent Sofl yr Hydref Taith I'r Iseldiroedd America'n Galw Enfys Affrica Can y Bugail Ton Alarch/y Pibydd Amharod Mas I Awstralia America/Waltz Pennsylvania Gwlad Heb Iaith
Maggie MacInnes and George Jackson, Cairistiona The Dairyman's Daughter/I Bhi a Ta/Ruidhle Mo Nighean Donn Fath Mo Mhulaid a Bhith Ann Lovely Annie The Parting/The little Cascade The Burning of Auchindoun Lachlann Dubh Faca Sibh Raghail Na Ailein/Making for the Shore Cairistiona
Madrigal (with Judy Kamminga), Elemental Grace Wish For You Little Thing The Battle of Evermore Hurricane Cathedral Elemantal Grace All Good Children Amaterasu Revelation Crow Midnight Moon Alchemy
Susan Mazer and Dallas Smith, Sound-Induced Relaxation Vol. 1 Love Theme Waters of the Earth Queen Emma's Theme After the Rains HeartSong Song of the Hills Heartland Daw at Pyramid Lake The Nature of Hope The Spirit of the Lotus Reflections
Lorenna McKennitt, Elemental Blacksmith She Moved Thorugh the Fair Stolen Child The Lark in the Clear Air Carrighfergus Kellswater Banks of Claudy Come By the Hills Lullaby
Eileen Monger and others, The Lilting Banshee King of the Fairies/The Lilting Banshee Poll Ha'penny/Plains of Boyle/Cnoc na gClarach Slides O South Wind/Great High Wind The Wild Geese Bonny Portmore The Morning Dew/The Ivy Leaf Limerick's Lamentation/Give Me Your Hand The Drunken Sailor Neil Gow's Lament for the Death of His Second Wife/Farewell to Craigie Dhu Kerry Polkas Fingal's Cave Morris Tunes: Orange in Bloom (Sherborne)/Step Back (Field Town)/Idbury Hill (Bledington) Hide and Seek
Jo Morrison, A Waulking Tour of Scotland Arniston Castle/Rejected Suitor 'S Fliuch an Oidhche Lament for Ravenscraig Crags of Stirling/Stirling Castle/Reel Stirling Oran Mu'n Ghruagaich Colin's Cattle/The Lapwing/Shoals of Herring O'er the Bows to Ballindalloch/Nellie's Strathspey/Devil in the Kitchen/Inverness Rant/ Market Place of Inverness/Piper's Bonnet Da Full-Rigged Ship/Bressay Lullaby Huntingtone Castle/Atholl Cummers/Brig o' Perth Ghost of Elgin Hè, Mannd' Thu Skye Boat Song/Coolin Hills Seallaibh Curaigh Eoghainn Arran Boat Song/Fear a' Bhàta The Man from Skye/Crossing the Minch Banks of Lochiel My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose 74th's Farewell to Edinburgh/Arthur's Seat/Highland Whiskey/Flowers of Edinburgh Ho Ro Hug o Hug o Beloved Scotland
Jo Morrison, Christmas Gifts What Child is This? It Came Upon a Midnight Clear Wexford Carol / Lo How a Rose E'er Blooming Away in a Manger Let All Mortal Flesh O Come, All Ye Faithful O Little Town of Bethlehem Angelus ad Virginem / The Angel Gabriel from Heaven Came The Friendly Beasts Silent Night Over the Hill and Over the Dale Hark the Herald Angels Sing A La Nanita Nana The First Noel Christ Child Lullaby In the Bleak Midwinter / He Smiles in the Cradle O Come, O Come, Emmanuel I Wonder as I Wander
Jo Morrison, The Three Musics Inverary Castle/East Neuk of Fife Fanny Poer Chiorsdain's Lullaby Return of the Stone/Shepherd's Crook/The Dogs Sleep Soond in da Morning Clergy's Lamentation Arthur Bignold of Lochrosque/King of Laois Mermaid's Song/Lochaber No More Bonawe Highlanders/'S Ann An Ile/Willafjord They Stole My Wife Last Night Rights of Man O' A' the Airts North Brig o' Edinburgh/The Goat and the Mare/Old Wife of the Milldust Da Slockit Light Kid on the Mountain The Three Musics
Norland Wind (with Thomas Loefke), Norland Wind Rime on the Moor Norland Wind Dance for the Hedgehog's Feet An Early Morning The Tipsy Elk Siubhan ni Dhuibhir Tor Mor Life of a Miner Moose on the Loose The Ladybird The Promenade The Shamrock Soil No More Loch Ossian
The Poozies (with Mary MacMaster and Patsy Seddon), Dansoozies Hey Now My Johnny Lad/The Wind that Shakes the Barley Two Fifty to Vigo/Micky Dan's Company of Women Cotton Mill Girls The Bay Tree Set (The Bay Tree/Faca Sibh/Jig Jazz) Static on My Radio The Polkas (Kerry Polka/Dennis Murphy's/Swannie's) In Between the Lines Poncho and Lefty Beinn' a'Cheathaich/Charlie Lennon's/Four Four Two/Pipe Major George Allan Collapsing at Hoagies/Pushing the Porsche (I Am the Captain of This) Ship of Love In Another Life
Port Righ (with Jo Morrison), Na Bi Gòrach -- Don't Be Silly Campbell's Farewell to Redcastle/High Road to Gairloch/My Wife's a Drunkard Lord Balgonie's Favourite Broom of the Cowdenknowes Mull of the Mountains Na Bi Gòrach -- Don't Be Silly North Brig of Edinburgh/The Goat and the Mare/Working Dogs Bidh Clann Ulaidh Battle of Waterloo/Harper's Ferry Fling Cape Cod Girls Mist-covered Mountains Duntulm Morag of Dunvegan/Mairi's Wedding Ca' the Yowes The Water is Wide Donald Blue
Jennifer Pratt-Walter and Valerie Blessley, aka Celtic Muse, Wind and Wood: A Sylvan Dance Planxty George Brabezon Arran Boat Song The Kilbarchan Weaver Scarborough Fair Sumer Is Icumen In Babers' Waltz Wind and Wood Man from Dunmoore/Brian Boru Delightful Spring Day The Water Is Wide Flowers of Edinburgh Fear A` Bhata March of King Laois She Moved Through the Fair Butterfly Jig
Jennifer Pratt-Walter, Ancient Realms Inscription of Seikilos/Saltarello Lament for Hector the Hero Loch Tay Boat Song Merch Megan My Roving Galway Boy Slangpolska fran Smaland Castle of Dromore Au Renouvel du Tens I Would Be With You Nobilis Humilis Kiss Me Quick Me Mither's Comin' Galician Waltz All Through The Night Hymnus ad Gallicinium
Christine Fraser Ramsey, Lang a-Comin' Ruairidh's Rambles/Coilsfield House The Bells of Bridgecastle/Ribbons of the Red-Headed Girl Blind Harper/Cumha Sheumais/Mhic'Gilleathain a'Mallaig Jim & Geoffrey's Visit to the Highlands Broom o' the Cowdenknowes Braigh Loch Iall/Chi Mi na Mhorbheanna/Tha Mi Sgith Suemais is Ma Sweetie/Struan Robertson/Walking on the Moon Logan Water Ellice MacDonald's March to Ardvasar John Roy Lyall/Fuadach nan Gaidheal Both Sides the Tweed Arran Boat Song/Ye've Been Lang a-Comin'/Happy We've been a' Thegither
Sue Richards, Grey-Eyed Morn Two Harris Dances/Banks of Spey Ur Cnoc Cein Mhic Cainte Seal Songs The Clergy's Lamentation Dream Angus/Mairi's Wedding Jock O'Hazeldean Gin Ye Kiss My Wife I'll Tell The Minister Leaving St. Kilda Roslyn Castle Unst Bridal march Out on the Ocean/Peter's Peerie Boat Michael O'Connor, 2nd Air/Mr. O'Connor Auld Lang Syne Nyth Y Gwcw
Sue Richards, The Hazel Grove O'Farrell's Welcome to Limerick The Musical Priest/Miss Ratray Miss Murphy Brian Boru/Halting March/The King of Laois Miss Abbott Leaving Port Askaig/Murray Shoolbraid of Saltspring/East Neuk of Fife/Torryburn Lasses Da Day Dawn The Emigrant's Farewell Bi Falbh o'n Uinneig (Go from the Window) Morfa Rhuddlan (Rhuddlan Marsh) Banjo Breakdown Tip O'Neill/Washington Hornpipe Miss Noble Lament for Coire an Easa/The Hazel Grove
Sue Richards, Merrily Greet the Time (with Maggie Sansone) Slieve Gallen Braes Harvest Home Abbot's Bromley/Twist Ye, Twine Ye The Ash Grove Captain O'Kane/Planxty George Brabazon Fire in the Hearth Cantiga de Santa Maria, No. 4, A Madre Do Que Livrou Cantiga de Santa Maria, No. 166, Como Poden Garten Mother's Lullaby Sean Donegal Swallowtail Jig Christ Child Lullaby Rorate Il est ne/Ding Dong, Merrily on High Balloo, Lammy Mist Covered Mountains of Home Bressay Lullaby/Don Oiche Drive the Cold Winter Away Drunk at Night, Dry in the Morning Song of Wandering Aengus Simple Gifts/Jingle Bells Greensleeves (What Child is This?) Christchurch Bells/Bottom of the Punch Bowl
Sue Richards, Morning Aire The Humors of the Joyce Country The Rights of Man Princess Augusta/Miss Grant's Reel Maple Leaf/Bird in the Bush Haughs of Cromdale/Sgian Dubh/Keep it Up Lament for Limerick/Lochaber No More/Irish Lamentation Itchy Fingers Fiddler Dance the Light Strathspey/Mor a Cheannaich/Trip to Ponca City Cro Kintaile Cape Clear/Monaghan's Jig Mabel Kelly Miss Hamilton of Auchincruive/The Bonnie Lass O'Bon Accord Fanny Poer Tho I Go To My Bed, Little Sleep Do I Get
Laurie Riley and Michael MacBean, Double Image Are You Sleeping Maggie Dinny Delaney's Saguaro Slides Monaghan's Jazz Refraction Suite JB Air Pipe on the Hob Planxtys Drew & Wilkinson Keegan's Waltz Greyhound
Kim Robertson, Angels in Disguise Doucement Nippon Bridge Rocky Road Contemplate All or None The Hangman's Noose Wild Mountain Thyme Morning Star Little Lad, Oh Apples in Winter Mon Ami Hello My Friend Slide/Dinny Delaney I Was Roaming in the Gloaming Angels in Disguise
Kim Robertson, Celtic Christmas I Wonder as I Wander The First Nowell Quad li Bergie Divinum Mysterium Venite Adoremus Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring Veni Emmanuel Entre le Boeuf Greensleeves Sheep May Safely Graze Saltarello Rosa Mystica (Lo How a Rose) God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen Good King Wenceslas/Andiam, Mio Tesoro Christ Child's Lullaby Coventry Carol
Kim Robertson, Celtic Christmas II El Tutu The Darkness is Falling/Away in a Manger A La Nanita Nana As Joseph Was A Walking Paduana Jesos Ahatonhia We Three Kings Silent Night Noel Nouvelet Verbum Supernum Merrily on high Come All Ye Shepherds Pastourelle Christ ist Erstanden
Kim Robertson, Crimson Collection Vol. 1 & 2 Guru Ram Das Mool Mantra
Kim Robertson, Crimson Collection Vol. 4 & 5 Har Har Mukande Mender of Hearts
Kim Robertson, Crimson Collection Vol. 6 & 7 Ardas Blessings
Kim Robertson, Dance to Your Shadow Morning Dew Dance to Your Shadow Mantle So Green Sally Gardens/Rider's Song/Apples in Winter My Johnny Was A Shoemaker/Cobbler's Jig O'Keefe's Slide Piper's Despair Inisheer No' My Plaid/Strayaway Child I Once Loved a Lass Broken Prayer Farewell to Stromness Ca' the Yowes/Plough the Stars
Kim Robertson, Gratitude Women of Ireland Saltarello She Moves Through the Fair Blarney Pilgrim Amethyst Berceuse Martin Wynnd's Air Another Star Gratitude Berceuse Maya Oople G Ditty Temple of Wisdom Threshold
Kim Robertson, Joy! Joy! Joy! Carol of the Bells The Truth from Above La Jeamber It Came Upon a Midnight Clear Joy to the World Carol of the Birds Jesus Lullaby The Fifers Abbot's Bromley Horn Dance Tune 1 Masters in the Hall/Morrison's Jig Here We Come A-Wassailing Planxty Safaigh Personent Hodie What Child is This? Echo Carol Bianco Fiori `White Flowers' Tidings O Holy Night
Kim Robertson, Love Song to a Planet New World Vivo L'Espoir Mist Covered Mountains Voices from Tibet Love Song for the Water Planet Day of the Dolphin Dancing Gaia Shanti The Dark Island Amazing Grace
Kim Robertson, Moonrise Gratitude Carolan's Draft Moon Over the Rising Castle Moon La Rotta Dance of the Wodaabe Rain Sam Coiman Light in the Sea Sonatina Bailey's Fancy Paduana Alla Venetiana Allegro Eclipse/Ecuador Moonrise
Kim Robertson, Treasures of the Celtic Harp Glenlivet I Love My Love in the Morning Moving Cloud The Water is Wide New Leaves Boundless Luminous Sea/Miss Brown's Fancy Shule Aroon Flowers of the Forest Sleep Soon Ida Mornin' Tree of Liberty Etude Merrily Kiss the Quaker Fairly Shut of Her Londonderry Air Waulking o' the Fauld
Kim Robertson, Water Spirit Pavane (Faure) Lauda to Sta. Maddalena Chanter Roving Galway Boy Minuet Separation of Soul from the Body Maids of Mourne Shore Water Spirit Kalenda Maya Lagan Love The Parting Glass Alfonso XII El Sabio Pachelbel Canon Carrickfergus
Kim Robertson, Wild Iris Fhera Vhata/Musical Priest Blind Mary Castle Kelly Dhyana Firefly Leap Year Shenandoah Blackberry Blossom Luna de Miel Sweetheart Reel/Irish Pat Last Night's Joy/Matt Malloy's Reel Pavane You and I Waking Dream Katsupari
Kim Robertson, Wind Shadows Lauda Morgan Mehgan March of King Laois Skye Boat Song Spagnoletta Arron Boat Song Eleanor Plunkett Lament King of the Fairies Give Me Your Hand George Brabazon Bittersweet Spright Bittersweet II Carolan's Dream Casey's Hornpipe
Kim Robertson, Wind Shadows Vol. 2 Arise and Get Dressed Kathleen Ashore Mon Ami Minstrel Boy/Banish Misfortune Foggy Dew/Butterfly Jig O'Connell's Lamentation Star of the County Down Castle of Dramore Tuza My Thousand Treasures/Jig Last Rose of Summer Lark on the Strand Hornpipe Black Nag Bridget Cruise
Sileas, Beating Harps The Pipers The Silver Whistle: An Fhideag Airgid/Prince Charlie Oh Wee White Rose of Scotland The Solos: The Cameron Highlander/Donald Willie and His Dog/Dancing Feet Miss Gordon of Gight Puirt a Beul The Shore of Gruinard: Traigh Gruineart/The Devil in the Kitchen/ The Sprightly Minnikin Ca' the Yowes The Dogs: Domhnall Dubh/The Dogs Beating Harps
Sileas, Delighted With Harps The Brigs: The North Brig o' Edinburgh/The Brig o' Perth Cadal Chan Fhaigh Mi Reels: Millbrae/The Spey in Spate Eppie Morrie Air and Reel: The Chanters Tune/Marry Me Now Da Day Dawn The Little Cascade Tha Mulad 'S Coltach Mi Ri Craobh Gun Duilleag Feadan Glan A'Phiobair John Anderson My Jo The Judges Dilemma/The Inverness Gathering
Sileas, Play on Light Buain A'Choirce May Colvin Cumba Easbuig Earraghaidheal Laill Leathag Cameron MacFadyen/Dr Cameron's Casebook/Miss Kirsten Lindsay Morrison Mo Dhomhnullan Fhein Planxty Crockery/Domhnall Dubh Pi Li Li Liu Dr Florence Campbell of Jammalamadugu/Duncan Johnstone The Castlebay Scrap/Stuarts Rant Ain't No Sunshine/The Flawless Juggler Miss Ann Caomeron of Balvenie/Amy's Rollerskates/Paddy's Leather Breeches Tha Sior Chaoineadh
Sunita Staneslow, Mist Covered Mountains Mairi's Wedding Cuckoo's Nest Women of Ireland March of King of Laoise Bridget Cruise/Carolan's Favorite Jig John O'Connor Road to Lisdoonvarna/Morrison's Jig Danny Boy Down By the Sally Gardens Planxty Drew/George Brabazon Star of the County Down/Mist Covered Mountains Barbara Allen Queen of the West Three Sea Captians/Garret Barry's Jig Skye Boat Song Wild Mountain Thyme She Moves Through the Fair
Sunita Staneslow with Northern Gael, Crossing the Shannon Paddy's Trip to Dublin/Crooked Road to Dublin/Dublin Porter Roscommon Reel/Leitrim Fancy/The Rose of Antrim Heather on the Moor My Cavan Girl/The Pretty Girls of Mayo/The Galway Rambler Kerry Slides The Dear Irish Boy Lough Erne Shore/The Liffey banks/Crossing the Shannon Highland Air/Scots Strathspey/Boys of Malin/Gravel Walks The Blarney Roses County Cork Polka/Britches Full of Stitches A Mhile Gra (My Dearest Love) Up Sligo/Old Tipperary/The North Clare Jig The Curragh of Kildare Will You Come Down to Limerick?/To Limerick We Will Go
Sunita Staneslow, Sunita Ya Ribon Adio Querida You M'enamori D'un Aire Ya Ribon The Lilac Flower Evening of Roses The Banks of the Suir Jerusalem Adon Olam Scarborough Fair Eleanor Plunkett Carolan's Draught Arvoles Lloran La Rose Enflorece On the Way to Cesarea Carolan's Farewell Garfalia
Sunita Staneslow, City of Gold And They Shall Be Heard In Jerusalem Our Song Pilgrimage to Jerusalem If I Forget You O Jerusalem Jerusalem of Gold On The Rivers of Babylon In The City of Jerusalem Your Jerusalem Jerusalem Jerusalem of Earth and Sky Theme from Shindler's List
Sunita Staneslow, The Romantic Harp Moderato Cantabile from Fantaisie Impromptu, Chopin Serenade, Schubert The Song of the Black Swan, Villa-Lobos Claire de Lune, Debussy Minuet & Dance of the Blessed Spirits, Gluck Meditation from Thais, Massenet Gymnopedie No. 1, Satie Largo from Winter, Vivaldi Serenade, Haydn Siciliano, Bach Aria from Bachianas Brasileiras No. 5, Villa-Lobos Andantio Expressino from Sonata in C Minor, Pescetti Air from Suite No. 3 in D (Air on a G string) Bach Canon in D, Pachelbel La Filled Aux Chexveaux de Lin, Debussy Pavane, Ravel
Sunita Staneslow, Romantic Harp II Premiere Arabesque, Debussy Entr'acte from the thrid act of 'Carmen', Bizet Apres un Reve, Faure Deux Preludes Romantiques I, Fournier Deux Preludes Romantiques II, Fournier Gymnopedie No. 2, Satie Piece en Forme de Habanera, Ravel Romance, Debussy Sicilienne from 'Pelleas et Melisande', Faure Sicilienne, Couperin Les Tours de Passe-passe, Couperin Berceuse, Faure Pavane, Faure Elegy from 'The Erynnies', Massenet Gnossienne, Satie Minuet from 'L'Arlesienne Suite 2', Bizet The Swan from 'Carnival of the Animals', Saint-Saens En Bateau from 'Petite Suite', Debussy
Wendy Stewart, About Time Hip Hip Bouree, Pheasant Feathers Bonawe Highlanders/Stirling Castle/Rachel Rae Harp Song of the Dane Women Love Lie Near Me The Burning Bing Petronella Polska from Ornunga Silent Rains Roslin Castle/Miss Gordon of Gight St. Bride's Coracle The Streams of Abernethy/Puinneagan Cail William Joseph Guppy/The King's House Wild West Waltz
Wendy Stewart, About Time 2 MacLeod of Mull/The Kitchen Piper The January Man Rachel Rae Fish Feis Probabobably/Maggie's Pancakes/Break Yer Bass Drone Fotheringay Pavane Barbara Grigor/The Little Cascade Dances with Friends The Dusty Miller/Love and Whisky/Bobbing Joan An Caiora/Carolan's Welcome Drummond Castle
Alan Stivell, Again Suite sudarmoricaine An dro/tha mi sgith Ar an garraig/telenn wad The foggy dew Suzy McGuire Suite irlandaise Spered Hollvedel Son ar chistr Marv ma mestrez Kimiad Suite des montagnes Metig Pop-Plinn Bal-ha-dans-plinn O'Neil's march/The King of the fairies Ian Morrisson reel Tri Martolod
Alan Stivell, Back to Breizh Vers les Iles et Villes de Verre Reves (Hunvreou) Ceux qui Sement la Mort Arvor-you Rock Harp Skoit 'n Treid ! Iroise E Kreiz Hag Endro Back to Breizh ! Harpe de Vies Brian Boru in French Armoricaine (Suite)
Alan Stivell, Brian Boru Brian Boru Let the Plinn Mna na hEireann Ye Banks and Braes Mairi's Wedding Cease Fire De' ha bla' Sword Dance Parlamant Lament Lands of My Fathers
Harper Tasche, Open to the North All the Octobers Ellen Magdalena Forest Carol Are's Mirror Outgoing Message An Indefinite Road Luther's Ghost Michael's Crossing Behind the Embers Sahzhatem The King Stag Another Endless Minuet Orion's Waltz After Askadalen Old Light Enymin's Journey Berceuse Lunaire
Harper Tasche, Bringing It Home Heading Home The Call Frieda's Waltz Unknown Quantity (Scordatura) Magnus Dancing Just You Irlandaise An Giolla Ruadh (The Red Haired Boy) Skua Mazurka Michel Mountain Ash Solveig's Song Spinning Star
Harper Tasche, Long Night Bright Star Fling Wide The Door Vox Clamantis Adest Sponsus Veni Emmanuel Divinum Mysterium Noel Nouvelet Greensleeves Ye Drowsy Souls Angels We Have Heard Steeple Echoes (medley) Josef Lieber Josef The Hills Are Bare Deck The Halls
Harper Tasche, Dichotomy Cafe Beach Spring Three Norse Dances Holy Manna Paul's Little Birds Circle the Garden Arise, My Soul Lullaby and Waltz Snowbird Solitaire Quiet Joys of Brotherhood Megan's Daughter Skipping Stone Three Hornpipes Sabbath Song Bridget Cruise Amazing Grace
Harper Tasche, Depth of Field Three Henrys Allein Gott The Entertainer Planxty Diane Rosa das Rosas Jesu Element of Risk Sheebeg and Sheemore Sarsen Sunning Separation of Soul and Body Preludio I Lost My Love Steering Towards Polaris Purple In My Heart
William Taylor and others, Graysteil Orkney Wedding Song Sanctus, Voce vita Hymn to St Magnus, Earl of Orkney Alleluya, Post Partum Lux et Gloria/Five Pieces from The Art of Music Ane Lesson of Four Mynnymis Canon The Fyvtent Canon Canon The Nyntene Fantasie Mas a 3: Kyrie, Gloria, Credo, Snactus and Benedictus, Agnus Dei Graysteil
Carol Thompson, The Blossom and the Rain The Atholl Highlanders The Foggy Dew/The Wild Rose of the Mountain The snowy-Breasted Pearl Watching the Wheat/Southwind Lament for Owen Rua The Blossom and the Rain Cornish Dance/Celtic Wedding March The Derry Air Scott's Lamentation The Musical Priest/Pull Down the Shade Down By the Sally Gardens/Tobin's Favorite Eileen A Roon/Eilionir a Ruin The Coolin Cailin O Chois tSiure Me Lament for Staker Wallace
Carol Thompson, Carolan's Welcome Da Day Dawn She Moves Through the Fair The Wild Geese The Blossom of the Raspberry Continental Waltz in D Major Gentle Annie Continental Waltz in D Major The Drunken Gauger Carolan's Welcome Jimmy's Return The Three Captains Home Ruler Sean's Continental Waltzes: Waltz no. 1 Waltz no. 2 The Burdened Old Man O'Carolan's Farewell to Music Lagan Love Black Rosebud An Phaidir Snow on the Hills Carolan's Farewell to Music
Carol Thompson, The Enchanted Isles Women of Ireland Brian Boru's March Father Brian Mac Dermot Roe Lord Inchiquin Miss Hamilton Lord Mayo Planxty Murphy Irish Lullaby Hugh O'Donnell Jenny Joy to the Person of My Love Over the Hils and Far Away The Irish Lady, or Anniseed-water Robin/Parsons Farewell/Nonesuch The Royal Dream Winter has Come Maid from the Parish of Penderyn All Through the Night The Ash Grove David of the White Rock
Carol Thompson, The Peacock's Feather Twisting the Rope/Lady Gethin Beansin Luachra King of the Fairies Bonny Portmore/Fanny Power Draggletail Gypsies/The Princess Royal/Princess Royal Blind Mary The Peacock's Feather/The Parting Glass Diddanwch Gruffydd ap Cynan/Serch Hudol The Minstrel's Adieu Mary O'Neill or Carolan's Favorite Jig Lady Lothian's Lilt/In a Garden So Green/The Hole in the Wall Port na bPucai
Telyn, Telyn Conset y Siri Conset Ifan Glan Teifi. Lliw Lili ymysg Drain. Conset Gruffudd Rowlant y Crythor Difyrrwch Gwyr y Gogledd. Conset Arglwyddes Treffael Mi Fendi di pan ddaw yr haf Eryri Wen Syr harri Ddu Y Wenynen Concerto'r Telynwyr Caru Doli. Barwn Merthyr. Miniwet Nannau Cnocell y Coed. Conset Gwry Pen Mrfoa. Malltraeth Hoffedd Tomos Dafis. Pibddawns Prydderch. The Coster's Wedding Biwmares March O Langefni. Began Gollodd ei Gardas Mwynen Machno Y Pural Fesur
Alison Vardy, Harping On Sunday Syncopations Carolan's Welcome/Drummond Castle Yet Another Medley AutumnWind-up Toy 10 de Octubre/Che Valle mi Yaguaron Diddunwhch Gruffudd ap Cynan Princess Royale/Roxburgh Castle Dunedin Habanera/Cumbia Deliciosa Swing Low Sweet Chariot/Rich Man Variations on a Mode El Rio Dalby Air/Grandfather Clock Ecuador/Beneath Wings
Vida (with Sunita Staneslow) , Acoustic Passion Ya Ribon Aria from Bachianas Brasileiras No. 5 Andaluza (Spanish Dance No. 5) La Rosa Enflorece/Adio Querida Adir Hu Piece en forme de habenera Echoes of Andalucia Three Sephardic Songs The Song of the Black Swan Blue Rhondo a la Turk
The Whistlebinkies (with Judith Peacock), A Wanton Fling The Pipers' Jigs: The Seagull, The Skyeman's Jig, The Judge's Dilemma Ay Waukin, O/The Marquis of Hastings' Strathspey Kenny Gilles of Portnalong/The Whistlebinkies Jig Ho-Ro Mo Chuachag (Ho-Roo my Young Girl) Major Graham of Inchbrackie/Miss Stewart of Grantully/Miss Menzies/ Dunkeld Bridge Cam' Ye O'er Frae France? Taladh (Lullaby) Wallace's Farewell to Kurutau/Farewell to Muirhead's Deireadh Leave, 1940 (The End of Leave, 1940) The Wee Eddie Reel/Keltan's Reel/Loch an Duin/MacFarlane's Reel/ A' Bhanais Ghaidhealach (The Highland Wedding)/Willie Davie A Wanton Fling: I'll Gang Nae Mair to You Town/Stumpie/Teribus A Bhalsa Mu Dheireadh (The Last Waltz)
The Whistlebinkies (with Judith Peacock), Anniversary Farewell To Nigg The Piper, the Harper, the Fiddler Great is the Cause of My Sorrow The Fiddle Strathspey and Reel Macbeth The Island Jigs The Whistlebinkies' Reel Ane Ground Sir John Fenwick Ailein Duinn MacDonald of the Isles Dominic McGowan The Fiddlers' Farewell The Winter It is Past Dogs among the Busthes Rattlin', Roarin' Willie Barlinnie Highlander A Change of Tune
The Whistlebinkies (with Judith Peacock), Inner Sound Inner Sound The Christening Piece: MacLeod of Mull/Bonny at Born/The Christening Piece A Reel, Strathspey and Reel: The Lost Boys/Miss Valerie Wallace/ Peter MacLeod's Reel/The Boston Cuffes Beloved Gregor (Griogal Cridhe) Oran More Isle of Barra March The Tryst The Piper's Controversy/The Piping College, Summerside P.E.I. Theme from Etain Bright Love of My Heart (Gradh Geal mo Chridhe) Quicksteps: Follow My Highland Soldier/72nd's Farewell to Aberdeen/ Campbell's Farewell to Redcastle/Barren Rocks of Aden
The Whistlebinkies (with Judith Peacock), Timber Timbre Nuair a bha mi og (When I was young) The Silor's Wife Eilean Scalpaigh na Hearadh (Island of Scaplay, Harris) Fohn Roy Stewart Tha mulad, tha mulad (Sadness is mine) Achmore Loch The Tryst The Mason's Apron A China Set My Wife's a Drunkard Moran's Return
Jennifer White, Clarsach Blue Heron's Flight Willow Oisin: (The White Horses/The Fianna) Drifting Faerie Thyme The Legend of Knockgrafton Sheebeg and Sheemor A Jig for the Autumn Wind The Selkie's Dream The Rights of Man Brighid's Dance Loch Lomond
Robin Williamson, Songs for Children of all Ages Witch's Hat The Herring Song Three Men Went A-Hunting Fool's Song Horses' Dance Brian O'Linn Butter The Water Song The Raggle Taggle Gipsies Froggy Would A-Wooing Go Liberty/Old Dan Tucker Ivy, Sing Ivy The Back of Burnie's Hill/Over the Hills and Far Away The Gartan Lullaby
Robin Williamson, Music for the Mabinogi Pwyll Rhiannon Badger in the Bag Three Nursemaids Naming Pryderi Matholwch's Ships Branwen in Ireland Bran's Head Birds of Rhiannon Cradlesong Manawydan in London Pryderi's Song Enchantments of Llwyd A Gallows for a Mouse When Two Hears are True Revenges of Math Arianhod, Unlikely Virgin Fine Leather from Seaweed Gwydion's Song to Lleu Death of Gronw Parting Words
Robin Williamson, Songs of Love and Parting Verses in the Stewart Street For Mr. Thomas Fare Thee Well Sweet Mally Return No More Tarry Wool For Three of Us Sigil Flower of the Briar The Forming of Blodeuwedd Gwydion's Dream Verses at Blawearie Tower A Night at Ardpatrick The Parting Glass
Robin Williamson, Legacy of the Scottish Harpers, Vol. 2 Port Ballongowne Nou Let Us Sing/I Sall Not Go To Bed Till I Suld Dee/The Fit is Come Ower Me Now/Littille Good Wife Erskine's Lament/Borry Royall/Bulalow/Ye Gods of Love Blew Breiks/Wha Learned Yow To Dance and Toddle?/Jhon Come Kisse Me Nou/Bonie Jean Makis Meikill of Me Doun in Yon Banke/Leader Haughs and Yarrow Ettrick Banks/Green Grow the Rushes/Katherine Oggie Bakaskie/Mellish Hors Almayne/Almane Delorne/Ane Al;man Moreiss Leslie's Joog/Leslie's Lilt My Lady Laudian's Lilt Dance About the Bailzie's Dubb/Blew Ribbon at the Bound Rod/Corn Riggs My Lady Balclughe's Ayre/Adew Dundee/Ostend/Fy Gar Rub Her Ower Wi' Strae Port (untitled)/Jean Lindsay's Port Mall Simme/O'er the hils and Far Awa'/Ore Hills Ore Mountains Fancy Free
Robin Williamson, Winter's Turning Drive the Cold Winter Away/Cold and Raw Avant de s'en Aller Pastime with Good Company/Somerset Wassail Greensleeves Morris/Green Groweth the Holly/The Eagle's Whistle Past 1 o'Clock/Great Tom's Cast Sheep Under the Snow/Welsh Morris Praetorius' Courante CLXXIX/Drive the Cold Winter Away Blow Blow Thou Winter Wynd/Vivaldi's Winter Largo/Trip to the Boar/ Manage the Miser Carolan's Quarrel with the Landlady/Christmas Eve Hunting the Wren Corelli's Sonato 36 allegro/Scottish Country Dance Polka du Tapis
Robin Williamson, Celtic Harp Airs & Dance Tunes Lude's Supper/The Lark in the Morning Meggie's Fou Mwynen Mon The Galway Rambler Port Atholl/The Braes of Tulliemet The Rocks of Pleasure The Scholar Glan Medd Dod Mwyn The Old Frieze Britches The Blackbird/The Downfall of Paris Kimiad/The Mountain Road
Robin Williamson, Ten of Songs Ancient Song Lammas Political Lies Scotland Yet Skull and Nettlework The Barley Here to Burn Verses at Ellesmere Innocent Love Verses at Powis
Sylvia Woods, The Harp of Brandiswhiere The Legend In the Forest Dialogue with a Brook Lament Gypsy Mirage Gourenspur The Harper's Vision Morning Calm Forest March Metamorphosis Brandiswhiere's Triumphant Return
Sylvia Woods, 3 Harps for Christmas Angelical Hymn/Twelfth Night ong Coventry Carol/While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks/The First Noel Lo, How a Rose/O Sanctissima I Saw Three Ships/Christ Was Born/Gloucestershire Wassail Angels We Have Heard on High/Ding Dong Merrily on High Oxen & Sheep/O Come Emmanuel Up on the House Top/Jingle Bells/We Wish You a Merry Christmas Away in a Manager/O Come, Little Children Hark! The Herald Angels Sing/O Come All ye Faithful/Joy to the World He is Born/Bring a Torch, Jeannette Isabella Silent Night What Child is This? Twelve Days of Christmas/Deck the Halls
Sylvia Woods, 3 Harps for Christmas, vol. 2 Caroling, Caroling/Silver Bells/Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow! The Little Drummer Boy/Do You Hear what I Hear? It Came Upon the Midnight Clear Nutcracker Suite Arabian Dance/We Three Kings of Orient Are The Holly & the Ivy/The Boar's Head Carol/Here We Come A-Wassailing Carol of the Bells Winter Bells O Tannenbaum/Good King Wenceslas/Good Christian Men, Rejoice God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen/March of the Three Kings/Masters in this Hall O Little Town of Bethlehem/I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day Pat-a-Pan/Fum, Fum, Fum O Holy Night Auld Lang Syne
various, The Art of the Harp: International Harp Festival, vol. 1 Wind The Boy in the Bush/The Kid on the Mountain Kelefa Coqueta Tina-Ye! Berceuse Prelude Nigra Sum Vers la Source dans le Bois Kerzhadenn Blue Diamonds Diatta Dinke Dance With Me Amrhan na Leabhor/The Bucks of Oranmore The Water is Wide Oro Ma Wangini Rimu Urombo
various, A Celebration of the Irish Harp The Touchstone O'Carolan's Draught Laydie Louthian's Lilte The Snowy-Breasted Pearl Brian Boru's March The Salley Gardens Clergy's Lamentation The Little Red Lark Yesterday's Kisses Londonderry Air Till I Be Lulled Beyond Thee Dr. Taylor/The Princess Kilcash Nora Glenlivet/Three Drummers/Dancingmaster Summer's End Londonderry Jazz/Mucky Duck Jig John O'Connor/The Man from Dunmoore/Merrily Kiss the Quaker The Harp That Once Through Tara's Halls The Ash Grove Believe Me if All Those Endearing Young Charms I Once Loved a Boy O'Carolan's Quarrel with the Landlady Cold & Row Elizabeth MacDermott Roe Sweet Smyling Katie Loves Me Sheebeg, Sheemore King of the Fairies A Blessing of Love
various, Faces of the Harp Austin's Planxty The Tipsy Elk Dance of the Lambs Saguaro The Castlebay Scrap/Stuarts Rant Dialogue with a Brook Bennachie Sunrise/Willie's Trip to Toronto Waterdance/Gay-feather Memories of That Isle Eclipse Blessing Way The Mushrooms of Fagernes Bas Alastruim/McAllistruim's March The Wedding of Psyche and Eros Spring
various artists, My Gentle Harp Harp Airs The Pipers Blind Mary The Dogs Gravelly Groove Women of Ireland Maneo da Ulla/Foliada de Padrenda Eleanor Plunkett The Solos O'Carolan's Farewell to Music Cogair Ruin Farewell My Gentle Harp Miss Gordon of Gight
Various Artists, Scottish Harps The Treasures of Darkness Cumba Easbuig Earraghaidheal Ballad/The Visitation Scots Lament by Mr. Oswald/Over the Water to Charlie Dances with Friends The Harper in the Bog Oran Do Mhac Leoid Dhun Bheagain Planxty Sweeny Bogie's Bonnie Belle Island Seas Uamh An Oir/Cumha An T-Seana Chlaidheimh Bas Alastruim/McAllistrium's March

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