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Millennium Harp Quest

Harping for Harmony sponsors Millennium Quests for harpers. The concept is to declare a quest for a one-year period that will stretch your comfort zone as a musician and provide a community service to your locality.   Harping Hands

Details of my Millennium Quests may be found below:

  Millennium Quest in 2003

Impromptu Millennium Harper for Maryland

  I have declared and completed my own Millennium Quest in 2003. For this quest, I declared my intent to become "Impromptu Millennium Harper for Maryland." I wanted to strive to overcome my shyness to play when I am not booked or invited to, and instead played impromptu performances wherever I had a harp and a reasonable location to play. This could have been at a fast-food place on the way to a gig, or at a cemetery after a funeral, or at a friend's house. It could have been in my own living room when I have guests over. It could end up having been anywhere, anytime, and for any length of time. I attempted to do this during 2003 every time opportunity arises, with a goal of doing this at least 25 separate times during the year.

This Quest was completed in November, 2003.

  Millennium Quest in 2005

Millennium Harper to the Isle of Lewis for 2005
  I, Jo Morrison, declare my quest to become "Millennium Harper to the Isle of Lewis for 2005." In this quest I will attempt to play for a minimum of 25 different people on the island while here. This could be in any setting, and is likely to mostly be in my or other people's homes. The quest will be over whether I reach my goal or not when I leave the island on March 4th.

This Quest was completed in March, 2005.
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